Evaporation System Issue with Your Toyota RAV4

Evaporation System Issue with Your Toyota RAV4

An evaporation system controls the engine’s temperature by taking excess heat from the engine and transferring it to the air outside your car. This process allows your vehicle to run more efficiently, which helps save you money on fuel costs.

Rav4 may be more affected by this evaporation system issue than any other brand.

Where Does the Evaporator Issue Come from?

There are several issues with the evaporator system in the Rav4, and the most common is a leak in the evaporator core. When this happens, you will hear a hissing sound when you turn off your car and open the door. This is because air pressure gets lost when you open the door, and air flows out of the cabin through the hole where the evaporator core is leaking.

The other issue that can happen is if there is a problem with your blower motor. In this case, you might see smoke from your vents or smell something burning inside your car. This is because your heater core has failed and started to overheat. The lack of circulation causes it to melt away from under your dashboard.

It can also be a clogged evaporator core. The evaporator core is the part of your air conditioner that cools the air from your vents. When it gets clogged, it stops cooling properly. You’ll know this is happening if your car feels warm even though your heater and defroster are turned on.

Also, when the expansion valve leaks or is stuck open, it causes an overfill of refrigerant in the system. This causes an increase in pressure and makes it harder for your compressor to work properly. The result? Poor performance from both the AC and heating systems!

It could also be a leak somewhere (usually at a fitting). The refrigerant leaks out, reducing pressure in the system and causing poor performance from both systems mentioned above and decreasing fuel economy.

If either of these things happens to you, we recommend taking it to a repair shop so they can diagnose exactly what’s wrong with it and replace any parts that need replacing at an affordable price. A1 Performance Auto Repair will diagnose any issues with your Rav4 in Sunnyvale, California, and fix it.

What to be Excited about with the New 2023 Toyota Crown

What to be Excited about with the New 2023 Toyota Crown

Toyota Crown is entering the US market with an unconventional and exciting design, created by crossing a sedan and sports utility vehicle. Toyota calls it a premium design with a higher ride height – hard not to agree. The 2023 Crown has a flashy demeanor and is available in two hybrid options.

Engine and Performance

Toyota debuts the lifted Crown sedan with three trims. Under the bonnet of XLE and Limited is a 2.5L 4-cylinder power plant paired with a new nickel-metal-hydride battery-powered trio of electric motors. Drivers have up to 236 horses of power at their disposal and an electric-only driving option over short distances.

The “Hybrid Max,” a new hybrid system, is only available for the Platinum trim. It combines a 2.4L turbo inline-4 hybrid power plant with a six-speed auto transmission. An e-motor sits on the rear axle to provide an extra boost of power, which Toyota claims is 340 hp. The fuel economy gets a hit compared to the base hybrid (38 mpg) to 28 mpg.

The Crown boasts active cornering assist to reduce understeer when driving in corners.

Interior Features

2023 Crown best defines a cross between simplicity and sleek design. Most of the dash is colonized by a 12.3-inch touchscreen and a gauge cluster. However, there’s a row of physical buttons just below the screen. These are for climate control.

Charging USB ports (including a pair of USB-C outlets) are plenty. The XLE has exclusively black power-heated fabric and synthetic leather front seats. Upgrading to Limited or Platinum adds heated rear seats, while the driver and front passenger get ventilated leather seats.

Crown Platinum’s cabin is reasonably quiet and comfortable, creating a feeling of riding in a genuinely premium sedan. It has effective soundproofing material and acoustic glass. Clearly, Toyota have outdone themselves with this Crown Sedan, and vehicle buyers couldn’t be happier.

Toyota Rav4 Transmission and Steering Problems

Toyota Rav4 Transmission and Steering Problems

RAV4’s irresistible square-jawed design, smooth drive, and spacious accommodation have bribed many people into falling in love with them. But far from its adorable nature, Rav4 may have a couple of undesirables in transmission and steering problems.

Transmission Issues

The transmission issues are pretty standard with the 2019 model.

The symptoms of the problem include a lurch forward at low speeds, and a forceful shift into gear that may produce loud clunks and bangs. Others experience some lagging or failure to shift.

Sometimes, there will be a delay when pressing the gas, and at times, it may suddenly lurch forward. This will cause dangerous entry in traffic.

People have difficulty determining the cause of these transmission problems, even after taking the vehicle to the dealership. In most cases, a reset is done but does very little to help. So what helps?

Normally, the brand recommends transmission ECU replacement and programming, which is quite an expensive fix. So, is there an alternative?

It is possible to get RAV4 ECU replacement units with the latest version installed without visiting the main dealer.

Steering Problems

Steering problems are far too common for the 2017 model. Many Rav4 owners experienced a pull towards the side when the vehicle encountered heavy crosswinds or had a flat tire. Some reported a knocking sound when locking up in traffic.

Several owners took the vehicle to the dealerships, and the tires were rotated and realigned. However, this did nothing to solve the issue. In some cases, the problems got worse with issues such as vibrations on the steering wheel. The best solution for the problem is primarily a steering wheel software update.

A1 Performance Auto Repair has automatic transmission specialists and experienced technicians that will check your vehicle for problems and provide solutions.



In January 2020, Toyota announced it is recalling 2.9 million vehicles. If your car is one of the models listed, see your Toyota dealer for repairs.

This recall is for an airbag electronic control unit that may or may not deploy your airbag in an accident. This control unit also controls the seatbelt pretensioners and their function could be affected, as well.

Toyota Models on the Recall List:

• 2011-2019 Corolla
• 2011-2013 Matrix
• 2012-2018 Avalon
• 2013-2018 Avalon Hybrid

Early last year the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had led an investigation into faulty airbags and these Toyota models were part of that study. There were 12 million vehicles in this study. They were vehicles from 2010 through 2019 sold by Toyota, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, Honda Motor Co, Hyundai Motor Co, Kia Motors Corp and Mitsubishi.

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) stated that there have been 8 deaths they attribute to this airbag issue. Hyundai, Kia and Fiat Chrysler had issued a recall in 2018, prior to this Toyota recall in 2020. Hyundai and Kia stated they had 4 deaths and 6 injuries involved with this issue. Toyota did not share their data with the press.

Toyota will be notifying affected vehicle owners by mail in March 2020. Be sure your car’s registration has your correct mailing address and you should receive the notification.

You can also sign up for the NHTSA recall email list to receive email notifications when there is a recall.

Or you can use the page to look up your car’s VIN to see if it has any recalls. The form is on the right side of the page.

You can also register with Toyota and when there’s a recall, you’ll be notified.

A1 Performance Auto Repair

If you have a recall problem with any vehicle, you’ll need to see the dealer to get it repaired without charge. We cannot repair these vehicles for free at A1 Performance Auto Repair. We offer these notices as a convenience to our customers.

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