Finding Your Tribe: The Benefits of Joining a Car Enthusiast Group

Finding Your Tribe: The Benefits of Joining a Car Enthusiast Group

We’re all social beings, and we love to belong. It’s just in our DNA! It is the same for car enthusiasts.

A crowd of people that share a passion for cars that runs deep has to be the most fun. There’s no other place a car fad would rather be. So, what are the benefits of joining a car enthusiast group?

The warmth in the connection

They say birds of a feather flight together. Similarly, people that share a passion will always find comfort and belonging when in the company of a like-minded crowd. Whether it’s about the latest trends, tech, or maintenance tips, talking about it is therapeutic. And, of course, you learn something new.

Being part of a like-minded crowd comes with networking opportunities that can prop up your professional or social life. You never know who your path will cross with and change your life forever. Joining a car enthusiast group can open doors you never knew existed.

Lots of fun

Many groups organize events like car shows, cruises, and track days which are a lot of fun for car enthusiasts. For example, if you’re a classic car enthusiast, the chances of seeing a great mod increase several folds when you attend a classic car event. The excitement and fun you get are incomparable. Who would say no to some fun, especially when it complements what you love? It’s what life is all about!

Giving back to the community

Have you been wondering how you can give back to the community? Being a car enthusiast is a no-brainer!

Many groups organize charitable events and fundraisers that benefit various causes, from local children’s charities to national organizations. By being part of a car enthusiast group, you’ll have the opportunity to use your love of cars to impact the world around you positively.

Why Your Vehicle Needs Engine Maintenance

Why Your Vehicle Needs Engine Maintenance

Your car’s engine health is essential to its desired longevity and optimum performance. Engine maintenance is the inspection of various engine systems vital to its operation and replacing worn-out components as necessary, as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. These engine systems include ignition systems, air intake systems, fuel systems, and cooling systems.

A comprehensive tune-up is vital for today’s engines to ensure a cleaner, longer, and more efficient operation. There are many activities involved in an engine tune-up, and keeping track of your car’s maintenance schedule could greatly benefit the overall health of your vehicle.

Benefits of Having a Periodic Engine “Tune-up”

Not performing regular inspection and maintenance on your engine can hamper its reliability and efficiency. A well-tuned engine operates at optimum performance levels. You inspect engine components for wear and replace them as required. For example, in older vehicles, spark plugs work hard to create an electrical spark that ignites the gasoline–to–air mixture in the engine combustion chamber. Worn spark plugs affect the combustion efficiency and can make your engine lose power or even stall in some cases. Spark plug wires are also vital. They have to be able to transfer and withstand the voltage created by the spark plug. If they are old, they can burn out and cause a misfire.

Air and fuel filters are critical components you inspect during an engine maintenance. These two items can affect engine performance and gas mileage. Fuel filters help protect your engine’s fuel system. They trap dirt and other debris in your fuel and don’t allow them to reach your engine. Over time, a fuel filter will clog and won’t allow gasoline to flow freely. That alone can lead to poor acceleration and poor engine performance. Engines also require a free flow of clean air to operate. Outside air travel through the air filter and mixes with your vehicle’s fuel to power your car. Air filters trap the dirt and other debris from the outside air. Air filters can clog up over time, reducing your engine’s efficiency.

We recommend you bring your car in for a maintenance every two years for its first 60,000 miles and every year after that. You can save on labor fees by scheduling your other maintenance with your regular oil and filter change. Get your next maintenance done at A1 Performance Auto Repair. We would ensure that this is done professionally by offering you world-class services. Give us a call and be glad you did.

The Volkswagen Beetle is Still Irresistible in the US

The Volkswagen Beetle is Still Irresistible in the US

In its 81-year reign, the Volkswagen Beetle stole the hearts of people in the US and around the world. Its teardrop shape and compact size stood out in a period where flashy big vehicles were popular. This may seem like a contradiction of sorts, but it worked.

But what makes the VW beetle still irresistible, several years after its production stopped?

Sweet Design

Most contemporary vehicles are enormous and come with a mean persona. Their face, which consists of the grille, headlights, and the whole of the front part, spells belligerence and intimidation. This may be popular, but there is a group that loves the sweet and gentle personality of the VW beetle.

Its big eyes are friendly, and its engine is as gentle as can be for a motor vehicle.

Into the bargain, the 1959 ad campaign in the US, and especially advertiser Bill Bernbach, played a significant role in this small vehicle’s popularity. They depicted the VW beetle as being honest and humble, and somehow, it worked.

On the other hand, the VW beetle appealed to the emerging values of conservation which grew in importance when deciding the type of vehicle to purchase. These values are more critical today with increasing attention on global warming.


But apart from its adorable nature, the beetle was built to last. Its low revving engine had an incomparable persistence to run all day. The vehicle was a breeze to maintain and was perfect for long road trips, and most importantly, it was at a great price.

Indeed, the VW beetle did not promise anything that it couldn’t deliver, which is what endeared it so much to many people. The vehicle is still irresistible today and will turn heads when it occasionally appears on city roads. Unfortunately, the 2019 model was the last VW Beetle made.

Just How Bad Was the Ford Pinto?

Just How Bad Was the Ford Pinto?

Ford Pinto has one of the worst reputations in history. It is globally known as an explosive deathtrap. But what makes the Ford Pinto considered one of the worst? Just how bad was the Ford Pinto?

A Faulty Fuel Tank

The big and powerful cars were the mainstay of the US’s top automotive manufacturers during the 1960s. Unfortunately, the small and inexpensive vehicles imported into the United States started to gain traction, which rattled the big boys in the industry.

The Ford Pinto was hurriedly designed to compete with the inexpensive imports.

Ford put the fuel tank just behind the rear bumper, and this design flaw had grave consequences. Well, 8 out of the 11 crash tests experienced a fuel tank rupture that spilled fuel all over the vehicle. Despite this glaring flaw, Ford Pinto went into production and was launched in 1970.

In May of 1972, a Ford Pinto burst into flames when struck from behind at low speed, bursting into flames and killing Lilly Gray, the driver. Richard Grimshaw, the passenger, was left with 3rd-degree burns. Another high-profile crash would occur in August 1978, killing three girls.

Other Design Problems

The rushed development with cost-cutting in mind led to other problems. For example, the Ford Pinto had uncomfortable seats, and driving over long distances was a tiring experience. At the time, the 20 mpg fuel consumption was decent. However, it was too uncomfortable, and the fuel efficiency didn’t matter the most.

The over-ambitious cost-cutting and rushed development was to blame for the fatal flaw in the Ford Pinto. It was not only harsh and bumpy to ride over long distances, but dangerous, as well, in case of a crash. As a result, the Ford Pinto easily earns its place as one of the worst motor vehicles ever produced.

Did you own a Pinto back in the day? What did you think about the car?

Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Used Car

Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car comes with its risks, but that does not mean you cannot get the most bang for your buck. Every vehicle has wear and tear, but it’s a little bit more for the used car. Exercise due diligence through basic inspection and take the car for a test drive.

Here are Some of the Mistakes Used Car Buyers Make

Not having a Mechanic Check the Vehicle

A handful of people will not have a mechanic check the used car they are buying. Mostly, it’s an attempt to avoid paying the inspection fees. However, having the vehicle inspected could save you a nice chunk of change in the long run.

Besides, it is possible to make the seller pay for the fees. In most dealerships, the inspection is part of the package.

Not Taking the Car for a Test Drive

A percentage of used car buyers forego a test drive before the purchase, and that more than often comes back to bite them. The buyer’s remorse kicks in when functionality fails to match the aesthetics of the vehicle.

A used car is an opportunity to live economically, but you have to be careful before the purchase. Make sure the vehicle is running properly by taking it for a test drive.

Making the Initial Negotiations Face-to-Face

It is always an easy sell for the salesman if you go down to the dealership by yourself. The salesman will do their job to make sure that you leave the dealership with a car. Mostly, you’re no match for the skills they use to convince you.

To prevent this, do your research over the internet, make comparisons, and negotiate through email or cell phone. Maintaining some distance with the dealership places you on a better platform when negotiating. You can easily walk away when the vehicle is not up to your standards.

When dealing with a private seller, flaunt some knowledge on the market to gain the upper hand. Chances are they are not professional salespeople and are much easier to convince.

Why You Should Ask for a Car History Report

Why You Should Ask for a Car History Report

To get the best bang for your buck, it is critical to do extensive research on the used-car offerings in your area. Even though a prospective seller may not match the lowest price you find, it puts you on better ground when negotiating.

But the price is not the only thing that you should dig deep into before settling on a particular unit. The history report of the used car is as essential.

Why a History Report is Important

A history report will uncover the number of previous owners, mechanical issues, and prior accidents, among others. In most cases, the dealership pays for the third-party service as a package. But if you are dealing with a private seller, you may need to foot the bill yourself.

The issue of depreciation can be depressing for vehicle owners, but it also presents an opportunity for the used car buyer. For example, the vehicle loses about 20% of its value within the first year. It depreciates about 40% after three years.

This is essential information for the buyer for effective negotiations. The manufacturer’s warranty may still cover a vehicle that is one to three years older, and that’s a good thing. Unless such a car has been subject to a significant amount of abuse, it can still give you some good years of service.

Finding a Good Used Car

The used car marketplace is vast, and you should not limit yourself to a particular dealership based on one thing or another. Most people don’t know that low mileage late-model vehicles are affordable and offer quality that is at the same level as new cars.

In most cases, the later models in car dealerships will qualify for the balance of factory warranty. For an additional cost, it may be eligible for an extended warranty, and that is music to the ears of the used car buyer.

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