Finding Your Tribe: The Benefits of Joining a Car Enthusiast Group

Finding Your Tribe: The Benefits of Joining a Car Enthusiast Group

We’re all social beings, and we love to belong. It’s just in our DNA! It is the same for car enthusiasts.

A crowd of people that share a passion for cars that runs deep has to be the most fun. There’s no other place a car fad would rather be. So, what are the benefits of joining a car enthusiast group?

The warmth in the connection

They say birds of a feather flight together. Similarly, people that share a passion will always find comfort and belonging when in the company of a like-minded crowd. Whether it’s about the latest trends, tech, or maintenance tips, talking about it is therapeutic. And, of course, you learn something new.

Being part of a like-minded crowd comes with networking opportunities that can prop up your professional or social life. You never know who your path will cross with and change your life forever. Joining a car enthusiast group can open doors you never knew existed.

Lots of fun

Many groups organize events like car shows, cruises, and track days which are a lot of fun for car enthusiasts. For example, if you’re a classic car enthusiast, the chances of seeing a great mod increase several folds when you attend a classic car event. The excitement and fun you get are incomparable. Who would say no to some fun, especially when it complements what you love? It’s what life is all about!

Giving back to the community

Have you been wondering how you can give back to the community? Being a car enthusiast is a no-brainer!

Many groups organize charitable events and fundraisers that benefit various causes, from local children’s charities to national organizations. By being part of a car enthusiast group, you’ll have the opportunity to use your love of cars to impact the world around you positively.

Mercedes Vans – Sprinter Worker LineUp Expanded

Mercedes Vans – Sprinter Worker LineUp Expanded

Mercedes vans are loved by delivery drivers, shuttle drivers and construction contractors and now there is good news. Daimler Vans USA and Mercedes-Benz USA have decided to expand the Worker lineup here in the USA.

Mercedes Vans

The new expansion of Mercedes vans means that carriers and workers will soon have more choices in chassis, engine and body configurations to meet their business needs. To add to the good news, the starting price will be only $32,495. If you have been wishing for a design that better suits your business, later this year you’ll be in luck.

A few of the features you’re going to see late in 2016 include:

  • 170″ wheelbase
  • High-roof Cargo Van model
  • Up to 486.5 cubic feet of cargo space
  • Interior standing height of nearly 6.5-feet
  • 3.0-liter V6 BlueTEC turbo diesel engine

Standard with the Sprinter Worker Models:

  • 4-speaker AM/FM radio
  • USB interface
  • Bluetooth® Telephone Interface
  • Audio streaming
  • Cabin partition preparation
  • Class-leading 6 standard airbags
  • Crosswind Assist Load- Adaptive Traction Control (ESP)
  • Class-leading interior cargo volume

Driving the Sprinter Worker

The Sprinter Worker is great for the business owner. You’ll spend more time working and less time getting gas and maintenance. The mileage runs about 23mpg and that’ll keep you out of so many lines at the pump. Maintenance is scheduled at 20,000 mile intervals, so you can use your valuable time on business demands instead of wasting it sitting in the auto shop waiting for your turn.

More great news is this Mercedes van is retaining its value well, so you don’t have to worry about driving it off the lot and having the value sink. Of course, adding some of the optional packages for windows in the cargo doors, rear door grab handles, heated mirrors and blind spot assist make it all that much more in demand and great at retaining value.

San Francisco Car Show 2016

San Francisco Car Show 2016

The 59th annual San Francisco car show is driving into the Moscone Convention Center November 19, 2016. All car enthusiasts and auto geeks need to clear their schedules now, because November is going to be here faster than anyone expects. The San Francisco International Auto Show is almost here.

San Francisco Car Show

This year, the San Francisco International Auto Show will feature not only the new and upcoming models of the cars you want to see, but there will be plenty of vintage cars to ogle. You can experience the future technological advances auto makers have made and are ready to show. You can also expect to see the PG&E electric car ownership exhibit at this year’s San Francisco car show.

If you’re thinking of buying a 2016 car, this car show makes it easy to check out all the details in a stress-free non-sales environment. (Reps are not allowed to sell anything at the show.) You get the information you need without a car salesman hammering you to sign on the dotted line. Here you can take your time and explore numerous car makes and models. Who knows, you might pick up a few new favorites this year.

Also, coming up this year at the show will be alternative fuel vehicles. Do you suppose they have finally perfected biodiesel for automobiles? We shall see. You can bet there will be solar powdered, diesel, electric and more new hybrid models to explore. Be sure to wear your soft sole shoes, there will be over 600 different models of cars to admire this year.

Car Maintenance

When you fall in love with one of the new cars at the San Francisco International Auto Show and later pick one up, remember to bring it in to A1 Performance Auto Repair for all of its regular maintenance.

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