Toyota Crown is entering the US market with an unconventional and exciting design, created by crossing a sedan and sports utility vehicle. Toyota calls it a premium design with a higher ride height – hard not to agree. The 2023 Crown has a flashy demeanor and is available in two hybrid options.

Engine and Performance

Toyota debuts the lifted Crown sedan with three trims. Under the bonnet of XLE and Limited is a 2.5L 4-cylinder power plant paired with a new nickel-metal-hydride battery-powered trio of electric motors. Drivers have up to 236 horses of power at their disposal and an electric-only driving option over short distances.

The “Hybrid Max,” a new hybrid system, is only available for the Platinum trim. It combines a 2.4L turbo inline-4 hybrid power plant with a six-speed auto transmission. An e-motor sits on the rear axle to provide an extra boost of power, which Toyota claims is 340 hp. The fuel economy gets a hit compared to the base hybrid (38 mpg) to 28 mpg.

The Crown boasts active cornering assist to reduce understeer when driving in corners.

Interior Features

2023 Crown best defines a cross between simplicity and sleek design. Most of the dash is colonized by a 12.3-inch touchscreen and a gauge cluster. However, there’s a row of physical buttons just below the screen. These are for climate control.

Charging USB ports (including a pair of USB-C outlets) are plenty. The XLE has exclusively black power-heated fabric and synthetic leather front seats. Upgrading to Limited or Platinum adds heated rear seats, while the driver and front passenger get ventilated leather seats.

Crown Platinum’s cabin is reasonably quiet and comfortable, creating a feeling of riding in a genuinely premium sedan. It has effective soundproofing material and acoustic glass. Clearly, Toyota have outdone themselves with this Crown Sedan, and vehicle buyers couldn’t be happier.

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