The Ford Edge first debuted in 2007 and since then has been one of America’s best-selling SUVs. Its versatility and affordability remain some of its strong selling points. However, some problems encountered by owners of this vehicle make us query its reliability, especially issues related to its electrical system.

Unfortunately, some of these defects are no easy fixes and sometimes cost an arm and a leg for already disappointed consumers.

Electrical Problems and The Worst Hit Model Years

According to, electrical problems are the overall worst problem affecting the Ford Edge in the problem category. Reports show that fixing the most common problem can cost a whopping $400, with breakdowns occurring as low as 66,000 miles. The Worst model years were 2011-2013, with the 2013 model taking the top spot among the trio, raking in 392 complaints in the vehicle’s electrical system.

The most notable electrical gremlin was the door ajar light staying on even after the vehicle’s doors were closed. The door ajar warning system deters drivers from operating their cars while the doors are open by illuminating a warning light, interior lights, and a repetitive chime. This system ensures passenger safety. If this system malfunctions, it could simply become an annoyance and even distract the driver.

The problem is often the result of a malfunctioning sensor that communicates the car’s ECU that the door is open, even after completely shutting all the doors, trunk, and hood. Although this defect does not directly endanger the driver or any occupant in the car, it usually constitutes a nuisance and sometimes a distraction when driving.

Solving this problem would require you to take your ford edge to a mechanic for a door ajar sensor replacement and a door latch assembly. For the best repair experience, bring your Ford Edge over at A1 Performance Auto Repair. Our Specialists and technicians will check your vehicle and give you the best advice on how to resolve your vehicle problems.

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