Ford Mondeo vs. Kia Borrego: Which Vehicle Stands Up Over Time?

Ford Mondeo vs. Kia Borrego: Which Vehicle Stands Up Over Time?

A family vehicle that accommodates everyone and their belongings is the apple of the eye for those seeking a delightful escapade with their loved ones.

While there are countless models to pick from, shoppers prioritizing reliability have two models to consider – the Ford Mondeo and Kia Borrego. So, when it comes to minimizing headaches down the road, which one has the advantage?

The Showdown

The Mondeo has proven very reliable for a mainstream crossover, with few major issues reported over its lifetime. Its 3.5L V6 engine often exceeds 200,000 miles without needing major repairs. The 6-speed automatic transmission is also robust. J.D Power dependability scores averaged just 160 problems per 100 vehicles.

Meanwhile, the Borrego demonstrates only average durability according to consumer reports. Its 4.6L V8 does display longevity, but electrical issues and failed air suspensions affect reliability. Transmission problems are also more prevalent than on the Ford. J.D. Power scores landed at 198 problems per 100 vehicles – worse than the Ford.

Which One is Safer?

In safety testing, the Mondeo received high marks for crash protection earning 5 stars from NHTSA. The Borrego scored a five-star front and side impact and a four-star rollover rating in NHTSA testing. It also receives good ratings for side impact protection. So whether you choose a Mondeo or a Borrego as your family vehicle, you can be sure that each model has the safety of your family at the core.

So, when it comes to going the distance while minimizing headaches, the Mondeo has proven the more consistently reliable choice over years of ownership. The Borrego offers plenty of capability but falls short on long-term durability compared to the robust Ford. For family adventures with minimal breakdowns, the Mondeo is the clear winner.

The F-150 Cabin Noise and What to Do About It

The F-150 Cabin Noise and What to Do About It

Rewarding yourself with a Ford F-150 may be the nicest thing you can do for yourself. Forget fuel efficiency and other discouraging talk; a part in the back, even if you do it yourself, is a nice feeling.

However, there are some issues that come with such a large truck. More is expected from whom more is given! Do you agree?

Users have complained that the Ford F-150 is more prone to cabin noise than smaller vehicles.

Where the F-150 Cabin Noise is Coming From

Some F-150 owners have reported excessive wind, road, and engine noise.

The wind noise can be particularly noticeable at high speeds. This is because the F-150 has a large windshield and a tall body, which creates a lot of wind drag.

The road noise can also be noticeable, especially on rough roads, mainly because the F-150 has large tires that transmit much road noise into the cabin.

On the other hand, you may notice some engine noise, especially when under heavy load. But what do you expect from such a powerful engine, particularly when it’s overworking?

How To Reduce Engine Noise
Several things can be done to reduce cabin noise in the F-150. Some of the most common methods include using sound-deadening materials. These materials absorb sound waves and can be applied to the vehicle’s interior, including the floor, roof, and doors.

You may also consider investing in a quality sound system. A well-designed sound system can help to mask cabin noise. For the best result, place the speakers strategically and properly tune the system.

Most people overlook this, but a well-maintained vehicle will be less likely to produce noise. Make sure to keep your tires properly inflated, have a good tread pattern, and ensure the brakes are in good condition.

If you’re concerned about cabin noise in your F-150, you should talk to your dealer or a qualified mechanic. They can help you identify the noise source and recommend solutions. Talk to us at A1 Performance Auto Repair about your Ford F-150 issues, and we’ll fix them for you.

Why the Ford Transit Cargo Van is Such a Popular Choice

Why the Ford Transit Cargo Van is Such a Popular Choice

We can say that the American market keeps fresh and bubbly inside the transit cargo vans. You see, transit vans have been the proverbial mules that haul all the stuff of enterprises from one store to the other or from the store to the client’s premises – you get the idea.

The Ford Transit Cargo Van has been a go-to for contractors, delivery drivers, and anyone who has needed a versatile and reliable ride for years. But why is it the trusty Ford Transit Cargo Van?


The Ford Transit Cargo Van ticks the boxes to handle any situation you throw at it.

The van comes in three different body lengths, two wheelbases, and three roof heights to pick the perfect configuration for your needs. This comes in handy whether you’re hauling a ton of stuff or need a compact ride for tight city streets.


Don’t let the fact that it’s a workhorse fool you – the Transit Cargo Van is quite comfortable to drive. Its suspension and weight distribution provide a smooth ride, and the seats are supportive and comfortable. The cabin is spacious, so you can stretch out and work comfortably for as long as needed.

Fuel Efficiency

Someone said you could not use the term fuel efficiency and a workhorse in the same sentence when describing a transit van. But they probably never met the Ford Transit cargo van.

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? The Transit Cargo Van offers a range of engines, including a fuel-efficient diesel option. You can therefore choose the one that best meets your needs and budget. And no matter your engine, you’ll still get excellent fuel economy and save money at the pump.

Load Capacity

What is a transit van with an insufficient load capacity? Something else, but not a transit van. That’s for sure!
The Ford Transit Cargo Van is like a pack mule – it can haul a ton of stuff! With a payload of up to 4,650 pounds, the van is perfect for contractors, delivery drivers, or anyone who needs to transport a lot of heavy items. So go ahead and load it up – the Transit can handle it!


Gone are the days of groping with a map and a calculator to figure out your route. The Transit Cargo Van comes equipped with a touchscreen infotainment system with connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. You can easily navigate, make calls, and listen to music. And with available features like a rearview camera, parking sensors, and a 360-degree camera system, you’ll have all the help you need to stay safe on the road.


Safety is no joke, and the Transit Cargo Van takes it seriously. It has a 5-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and has various safety features like airbags, stability control, and traction control.

Still need convincing why Transit Cargo is so popular in the US? No? Thought so!

Ford Focus Ignition Problems

Ford Focus Ignition Problems

The Ford Focus has been a popular compact car in production since 1998. It was designed by Ford of Europe and is currently manufactured in several countries worldwide. The Focus has been praised for its fuel efficiency, practicality, and value.

However, there have been reports of ignition issues with the Ford Focus. So, what can you do about it?

Ignition issues

Despite its nearly legendary status, Ford Focus has had its share of mechanical issues typical to the model. The vehicle is no doubt reliable, but some problems can crop up.

A common one reported by thousands of Ford Focus owners is that the key will not turn in the ignition, thus preventing the car from starting. This can leave you stranded.

There are also reports of a stuck key and locked steering wheel, which makes the problem seem too familiar. But where are these issues coming from?

Well, while the causes are varied, it could be:

  • Defective ignition switch
  • Worn-out key
  • Problem with the electrical system

If the steering wheel is locked, the problem is likely with the ignition lock cylinder. This can be replaced if it is defective.

While the most common solution to ignition problems is ignition switch replacement, a key that will not turn in the ignition may be due to a problem with the key itself. In this case, a new key may be needed.

For a locked steering wheel, the problem is likely with the ignition lock cylinder, which can be replaced. Take your car to a mechanic and have it diagnosed.

While there may be a simple solution, such as replacing the key battery, more complicated problems, such as a defective ignition switch, may require more extensive repairs. Talk to us at A1 Performance Auto Repair and let us solve your ignition problems. We’re a call away!

Ford Edge Electrical Gremlins

Ford Edge Electrical Gremlins

The Ford Edge first debuted in 2007 and since then has been one of America’s best-selling SUVs. Its versatility and affordability remain some of its strong selling points. However, some problems encountered by owners of this vehicle make us query its reliability, especially issues related to its electrical system.

Unfortunately, some of these defects are no easy fixes and sometimes cost an arm and a leg for already disappointed consumers.

Electrical Problems and The Worst Hit Model Years

According to, electrical problems are the overall worst problem affecting the Ford Edge in the problem category. Reports show that fixing the most common problem can cost a whopping $400, with breakdowns occurring as low as 66,000 miles. The Worst model years were 2011-2013, with the 2013 model taking the top spot among the trio, raking in 392 complaints in the vehicle’s electrical system.

The most notable electrical gremlin was the door ajar light staying on even after the vehicle’s doors were closed. The door ajar warning system deters drivers from operating their cars while the doors are open by illuminating a warning light, interior lights, and a repetitive chime. This system ensures passenger safety. If this system malfunctions, it could simply become an annoyance and even distract the driver.

The problem is often the result of a malfunctioning sensor that communicates the car’s ECU that the door is open, even after completely shutting all the doors, trunk, and hood. Although this defect does not directly endanger the driver or any occupant in the car, it usually constitutes a nuisance and sometimes a distraction when driving.

Solving this problem would require you to take your ford edge to a mechanic for a door ajar sensor replacement and a door latch assembly. For the best repair experience, bring your Ford Edge over at A1 Performance Auto Repair. Our Specialists and technicians will check your vehicle and give you the best advice on how to resolve your vehicle problems.

Why the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport is Awesome

Why the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport is Awesome

The Ford Bronco finally showed up in car showrooms last year (as the 2021 model) in 2 and 4 door versions after an almost 25-year hiatus as the sixth generation (the first generation starting from 1965). With styling cues taking the vehicle back to the roots, and a nostalgic feel to the design philosophy with a touch of muscle and brawn, it may not be wrong to relate the new vehicle to the Phoenix, a rebirth that may be rubbing people the right way. This vehicle, from inception, was out on a mission: to be different. It is a good thing, particularly in a terrain where everyone is trying to play safe to customer expectations, which has led to a gradual erosion of uniqueness.

Features That Make Ford Bronco Truly Special

Sometimes it is the little thoughtful things in life that matter. For those with an active lifestyle, the new Ford Bronco brings that philosophy to life by including simple features, like a built-in bottle opener at the tailgate and glass that opens independently. Bright LEDs are installed on the tailgate and come in handy when it goes dark, and a competitive–in-class trunk capable of stowing away two mountain bikes is standard. It also comes with 9 inches of ground clearance (with the off-roader option) to give you the confidence you would only get in a much larger Sport Utility Vehicle.

Powertrain and Options

The Ford Bronco Sport is available in two trims. These have two engine choices: the Outer Banks powered by a turbocharged 1.5L three-cylinder engine with an output of 181 HP @ 6000 RPM, and the Badlands, powered by a turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder engine with an output of 245hp @ 5,500 rpm. Although the three-potter seems adequate for many, the Bronco equipped with the 2.0L turbo-four allays all fears of encountering an underpowered vehicle when loaded to the brim.

The New Ford Bronco boasts electronic front and rear differentials, which are lockable on command. The drivetrain is electronically controlled, with selection modes such as 4WD (low and high), 4WD auto, and 2WD-high when only the rear wheels drive the vehicle (Standard on all Bronco Trims). Optional equipment includes the G.O.A.T (Goes-Over-Any-type-of-Terrain) mode, which assists the driver in muddy, rocky, and sandy terrains with little effort without the fear of getting stuck and requesting help.

The Ford Bronco reveals a fantastic execution of its intended function as a vehicle with character. It may not be the best, but it is darn close.

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