The Ford Focus has been a popular compact car in production since 1998. It was designed by Ford of Europe and is currently manufactured in several countries worldwide. The Focus has been praised for its fuel efficiency, practicality, and value.

However, there have been reports of ignition issues with the Ford Focus. So, what can you do about it?

Ignition issues

Despite its nearly legendary status, Ford Focus has had its share of mechanical issues typical to the model. The vehicle is no doubt reliable, but some problems can crop up.

A common one reported by thousands of Ford Focus owners is that the key will not turn in the ignition, thus preventing the car from starting. This can leave you stranded.

There are also reports of a stuck key and locked steering wheel, which makes the problem seem too familiar. But where are these issues coming from?

Well, while the causes are varied, it could be:

  • Defective ignition switch
  • Worn-out key
  • Problem with the electrical system

If the steering wheel is locked, the problem is likely with the ignition lock cylinder. This can be replaced if it is defective.

While the most common solution to ignition problems is ignition switch replacement, a key that will not turn in the ignition may be due to a problem with the key itself. In this case, a new key may be needed.

For a locked steering wheel, the problem is likely with the ignition lock cylinder, which can be replaced. Take your car to a mechanic and have it diagnosed.

While there may be a simple solution, such as replacing the key battery, more complicated problems, such as a defective ignition switch, may require more extensive repairs. Talk to us at A1 Performance Auto Repair and let us solve your ignition problems. We’re a call away!

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