Some of our customers will do a Honda brake pad replacement themselves or at another auto shop, because they are a little worn down. If this is done without machining or replacing the old rotors, it could make braking a little noisy. Here is what needs to be done to stop that noise.

Honda Brake Pad Replacement

When your Honda brake pads were initially installed the rotors were, too. These two items became worn together, so they “match.” Any imperfections, lumps and bumps on the brake pads wore a matching rut in the rotor. All was well with your quietly operating brakes. Then you came along and messed up their perfect universe with a Honda brake pad replacement.

Change the brake pads to brand new ones and they will no longer match all those little imperfections in the rotors. This will generate a little noise. It isn’t really loud, but you’ll hear it when braking and maybe even while driving. There is a cure.

If you hear this noise right after the pad replacement then you’ll probably start babying the brakes. Don’t do that. The cure for this noise is to break in those pads and rotors. So, have the car up to about 40mph and brake firmly to come to a stop. This will start to generate a little heat to get the break-in period going. Do this about three times in a row and you’ll likely have done enough to solve the noise problem.

If this doesn’t re-break-in your new Honda brake pads, bring the car into A1 Performance Auto Repair and we’ll take a look at the rotors and pads. We’ll make sure they weren’t installed backward when the brake pad replacement was done, a common problem! If the rotors need to be machined or replaced, we will do that for you.

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