It is crazy that we need Honda Civic Tips to help Civic owners keep their cars safe from being stolen, but here we are. Even in 2016, the Honda Civic is one of the most popular cars to steal. Here are some tips on what you can do to deter thieves.

Honda Civic Tips

Car theft statistics for 2016 show that the Honda Civic is still one of the most popular cars to steal, coming in at #2. But it is no longer all Civics. The car that is #2 on the theft list is the 1998 Honda Civic as thieves appear to be leaving the latter year models alone. Why?

Honda did step up and make some changes such as the smart key system that has been a very good deterrent to theft. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help the poor 1998 model. It is as popular as ever to steal. So, what can you do to keep your hands on your 1998 Honda Civic?

Well, get out of California! Statistically speaking, your Honda Civic is a lot safer in a state other than California, where the majority of thieves like this particular car and its cousin – the 1997 Accord. The Honda is a great running car, even one that is 20 years old, and car thieves know it.

There are so many Honda cars sold in California that stealing these older cars is a cottage industry. In areas with smaller populations it isn’t as much as a problem. So, move to a less densely populated state, never leave your keys in the ignition when you leave your car and lock your car up in the garage. This should make it highly unlikely that the bad guy will steal your ride.

We hope that one or two of these Honda Civic tips helps protect your car. Remember to bring your car into A1 Performance Auto Repair for regular maintenance.

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