All Honda car owners are loyal to Honda and that is one reason A1 Performance Auto Repair in Sunnyvale loves to work on them. Honda is a great value and many of the A1 Performance customers own them. So, to give our customers a big smile and a laugh, here are some Honda car ads that will help you start the day.


Honda is one of those auto manufacturers that really knows how to make a brilliant advertisement. Watch some of the favorites on the Internet posted below.

Honda Ad from Australia

This car ad features a Honda HR-V and a man having a very intense, high action dream. Of course, there is a talking dog that switches back and forth between being his best buddy and his dog. Is it real or is it just a dream, you decide.

Honda 2013 Super Bowl Sheep Commercial

You probably saw this one during the Super Bowl this year, but here it is again. It is well worth watching one or two more times! Here is what sheep do when the farmer isn’t around. Some sheep get to take a ride in his 2017 Honda Ridgeline.

Honda Prelude 5th Generation Ad

This Honda Prelude ad is pretty funny. It is an oldie, but goodie. The hula dancer dashboard doll gets fairly animated during the fast drive. The ad advises you to “choose your dash accessories with caution.”

Getting Your Honda Serviced

A1 Performance Auto Repair specializes in foreign car makes like Honda, Toyota and Audi. Of course, we repair and do smog certifications on just about any European, American and Japanese car or truck.. Experience what all of our customers love about the owner, Cliff, and the other mechanics at A1 Performance. A1 Performance Auto Repair handles large and small repairs on all autos and trucks, gasoline and diesel.

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