The most popular vehicles owned in the Silicon Valley are Honda and Toyota models like the Civic, Camry and Corolla. But there is an unusual choice that is up near the top of the popularity chart and that vehicle is the Ford Pickup. Specifically, it is the Ford F-Series Pickup truck. No matter how popular this Ford choice is, it does have its issues. Here are some of the more common problems this vehicle has.

Typical Ford F-Series Truck Problems

Some people prefer the hauling conveniences afforded by driving a pickup truck. But when you don’t need anything big to haul stuff around the San Francisco bay area, you’ll pass on the popular Dodge Ram and Chevy Colorado options. It is the Ford F-Series that the city folk want.

The Ford Pickup truck is always the most popular smaller truck choice, no matter where you live. It has a reputation for being well-made, comfortable and affordable to buy and drive. But it does have its issues.

MyFord Touch feature working improperly

This problem is so common and so problematic that there is a class action lawsuit over it.

Frozen Door Latch

This door latch has been recalled.

Gearshift Recall

It is impossible to shift when this gearshift problem happens. 15,000 trucks have been recalled because of it.

Limp Mode

A malfunction of the Electronic Throttle Body causes a “limp mode” problem. Even if the problem goes away, it is not recommended to drive the vehicle after even 1 incident. This truck will suddenly lose momentum.

Where to Get Help

If your F-Series Ford truck has any of these issues and is still under warranty or if it’s a recall, then go to the nearest Ford Dealer to have it repaired. If you’re no longer under warranty, or you want to check out the truck before you buy it, we’re able to assess the situation. Just give us a call for an appointment.

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