Regulations in regard to parking in Sunnyvale change from time to time. Here are some of the rules you need to follow when parking in the city.


Sunnyvale has a lot of parking regulations and this keeps the city operating with a good flow, plus is keeps the city free of abandoned vehicles. It can be difficult to remember all of these rules when you’re searching for a place to park or shopping for a new place to live. So, here is a list of the most important rules you need to know, along with a map to follow.

Parking Regulations

There are posted times where you can park on the street. However, some people are allowed to have longer parking times for those spots. Some residential neighborhoods are allowed special parking permits. With the permit a resident can park on the street all day long, as long as they don’t exceed 72 hours. To find out if your neighborhood is allowed these permits, contact Division of Transportation and Traffic at 408-730-7415.

Street sweeping creates a hiccup in your parking situation. To check on when the next day is, see their map.

For downtown parking, it is a whole other situation. You will see signs posted that will have a P3 or P4 on them. The P is for parking and the number is how many hours you can park there. The Caltrain area will have free parking after 6pm, but this is not an invitation to park overnight. Parking overnight anywhere in a public parking facility is illegal in Sunnyvale, CA.

To help you navigate the Downtown Sunnyvale area, here is a city parking lot map that you can bookmark.

While parking regulations are always annoying, it is always more annoying when there aren’t any. If you follow the rules, you’ll save a lot of money in fines.

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