There are signs of bad rotors. It is usually not a mystery that they need replacing. Although, as time marches on the signs might become less pronounced. Here are some things that might be going on with your car or truck that might indicate it is time to replace your rotors.

Signs of Bad Rotors

Signs of bad rotors include many sounds or vibrations, some of which could mean other things, too. So, here are some tests you can do to narrow down the trouble to see if it is a sign of bad rotors.

Rotor Test While Driving

Drive out to a road where there is nobody else on the road. Accelerate to 30mph then press the brakes somewhat hard, but without completely stopping. Do you feel a strong rhythmic vibration in the wheel while you brake? If you do, it is a sign your rotors are warped.

Try the test again at 60mph. If you feel the vibration only at the higher speed, it indicates that it is a slight warping of the rotors.

When rotors are warped, they usually need replacement. If the problem is only slight then grinding them might take care of the problem.


A squealing noise can happen with certain brake pads and are not necessarily a rotor problem. Have your mechanic check to see which is causing the squeal.

A grinding noise while braking, on the other hand, is likely due to the brake pads being worn down to the point where the rotor is being ground down every time you brake. You’ll likely have a brake pedal that is lower than it used to be, as well. See your mechanic right away. Your car might not be safe to drive. You’ll need new rotors and brake pads. The longer you wait to repair the car, the more expensive it gets.

A1 Performance Auto Repair

Stop by A1 Performance Auto Repair and we will take a look at your brakes to give you an accurate diagnosis and an estimate for repair. We hope to see you soon.

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