Early discovery of transmission issues can save you big bucks in repair bills. Transmission failure is not hard to detect when you’re keen enough. Don’t wish the problem away when you notice something is amiss because it will not.

Visit your garage service when you notice any of the following symptoms.

Leaking Fluid

A pool of reddish fluid under your car is the most straightforward indicator of identifying a transmission problem. Let your mechanic know when the trouble starts, and they’ll check the transmission fluid level.

Burning Smell

A burning smell is a powerful indicator of something wrong with the transmission. The transmission may be overheating, or the transmission fluid may be burnt and old.

Dragging Clutch

A failure to disengage the clutch disc when you press the clutch pedal causes a clash of the gears. The leading cause of a dragging clutch is clutch misplacement and mechanical failure.

Difficulty in Switching Gears

When changing gears becomes a daily struggle, your transmission system is in the process of giving in. Sometimes, it could be you’re using the incorrect type of transmission fluid, or the transmission fluid is leaking somewhere.

Slipping Gears

A slipping transmission is dangerous and a telltale sign that the system is broken. A delay in acceleration and general harsh response when shifting gears and revving indicate slipping gears.

Sometimes, the gear change will be unresponsive when moving from park to drive.

Noises when You’re in Neutral

Weird noises when the vehicle is in neutral are not a good sign. At the minimum, it can mean the transmission fluid is overdue for a change, or the system needs a check by a professional.

Other strange noises such as humming, clunking and whining when driving are not good signs. Let a professional have their hands on it immediately.

A1 Performance Auto Repair can check your transmission and repair it if needed. We can also inspect for other problems and ensure your car is whole again for daily use.

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