The Aston Martin V8 model is the official bond vehicle, with bells and whistles.

While Aston no doubt oozes class and style, the vehicle will often encounter some issues, often too familiar with the model. Even 007 needs some time off to service his ‘Bond’s Mobil.’

Issue with Transmission

Transmission failure is the most prevalent issue with the V8 Vantage 2010-2013 models. The problem was so prevalent that the manufacturer issued a global recall.

The Vantage drivers would often experience frequent stalling, where the vehicle known for its impressive performance would lose power.

After troubleshooting, the culprit for the transmission issue was found to be the software update. In particular, it was mostly from technicians that hadn’t installed the update correctly to allow the proper reprogramming of the clutch. Aston Martin servicing requires experienced hands.

Even though the issue was resolved, the Sportshift is still a risk for contemporary drivers. For this reason, you should invest in a qualified professional service schedule such as A1 Performance.

What You Should do To Keep Your Vantage on the Road

The Aston Martin V8 Vantage is a capable vehicle if you give its transmission the necessary TLC. Follow the factory-scheduled maintenance and look out for signs of failure such as:

  • Frequent stalling
  • Random shifting
  • Transmission fluid leaks
  • Challenges getting the vehicle into gear

If you notice any of the above with your ‘Bonds Mobil,’ get it looked at by a professional. Keep in mind that your Aston needs frequent check-ups to keep it performing at the highest level.

A1 Performance are experts in European vehicles. We’ll service your Aston Martin, troubleshoot any problem, and repair it to keep it on the road. We know how much you need it on the road with you, and we’ll work to ensure that.

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