If you own a Toyota with Blizzard Pearl Paint, you’ve might have noticed your paint flying off the car in sheets as you drive down the road, literally. When a car painted with this particular color gets about 7 – 10 years old, this is a “feature” you might not exactly appreciate. So, what to do?

Toyota’s Blizzard Pearl Paint

This problem with Toyota’s Blizzard Pearl Paint is called delamination. Meaning it gets sort of laminated and then it de-laminates and sort of flies away in the wind. Why? Well, one person at a dealership told a customer that Toyota cars manufactured between 2009 and 2013 were not properly primed. That is the cause of the delamination.

Toyota has refused to do anything about the problem, leaving people who have paid $30,000 or more for their vehicles having to have their entire car repainted on their own dime. Toyota gives only 3 years of warranty for paint issues. That’s rather convenient. The problem happens several years after that judging by what is being written in forums. However, one person had a 2018 Highlander with Blizzard Pearl Paint and it took 3 days to happen. There might be a contributing environmental factor.

What To Do

You can search the internet for forums that are collecting complaints in an effort to force Toyota to stand behind their workmanship and repaint the cars with a method that doesn’t blow off in sheets. Whether or not the embarrassment will hurt the company, who knows? So far they don’t seem to care they are losing some of their most loyal customers over the problem.

If you recently purchased the vehicle at a dealership, you’d likely have a warranty that you can use to return the car to them. But if the car is 3 years old or more you’re out of luck, even earlier if you have a lot of miles on it.

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