Honda Brake Pad Replacement Generates Noise When Braking

Honda Brake Pad Replacement Generates Noise When Braking

Some of our customers will do a Honda brake pad replacement themselves or at another auto shop, because they are a little worn down. If this is done without machining or replacing the old rotors, it could make braking a little noisy. Here is what needs to be done to stop that noise.

Honda Brake Pad Replacement

When your Honda brake pads were initially installed the rotors were, too. These two items became worn together, so they “match.” Any imperfections, lumps and bumps on the brake pads wore a matching rut in the rotor. All was well with your quietly operating brakes. Then you came along and messed up their perfect universe with a Honda brake pad replacement.

Change the brake pads to brand new ones and they will no longer match all those little imperfections in the rotors. This will generate a little noise. It isn’t really loud, but you’ll hear it when braking and maybe even while driving. There is a cure.

If you hear this noise right after the pad replacement then you’ll probably start babying the brakes. Don’t do that. The cure for this noise is to break in those pads and rotors. So, have the car up to about 40mph and brake firmly to come to a stop. This will start to generate a little heat to get the break-in period going. Do this about three times in a row and you’ll likely have done enough to solve the noise problem.

If this doesn’t re-break-in your new Honda brake pads, bring the car into A1 Performance Auto Repair and we’ll take a look at the rotors and pads. We’ll make sure they weren’t installed backward when the brake pad replacement was done, a common problem! If the rotors need to be machined or replaced, we will do that for you.

Honda News on the Awaited Honda CR-V 2017

Honda News on the Awaited Honda CR-V 2017

Honda News of the month is the new Honda CR-V details for its 2017 model. America’s most popular SUV has been completely redesigned and re-engineered for the coming year.

Honda News on the CR-V for 2017

Honda has turbo-charged their popular SUV, upgraded its newly extra spacious interior and focused on upgrades for convenience and comfort. You can expect to be impressed with the precision of the steering and the comfort while you drive. Your SUV experience has become comfy and fun.

Prices for 2017’s CR-V models start with the CR-V LX (2WD) starting at only $24,045, making it a huge value in comparison to other SUVs on the market. Its gas mileage averages 26/32/28. The top model, CR-V Touring (AWD), starts at $33,695 and averages 27/33/29 mpg. These prices exclude taxes, license, registration, $900 destination charge and the options you might pick.

Honda Sensing™ suite of safety features like driver assistive technology come standard on the EX models now.

  • Road Departure Mitigation (RDM)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed Follow (LSF)
  • Rear Cross Traffic Monitor
  • Blind spot information System (BSI)
  • Auto High-Beam (AHB)
  • Driver Attention Monitor

The CR-V models were designed in Japan, but will be manufactured in the USA and Canada. Plants in East Liberty, Ohio, Alliston, Ontario, Canada and, for the first time, Greensburg Indiana will be producing this popular Honda SUV. The engines will be made in Anna, Ohio and in Alliston, Ontario. The CVT will be manufactured at the Honda plant in Russells Point, Ohio.

The CR-V for 2017 is featured in Car and Driver’s Top 10 Trucks and SUVs list for 2017. This complete resign of the CR-V from top to bottom will surely ensure its top spot as one of the most loved SUVs in the USA.

Honda Civic Hatchback 2nd Most Stolen Car 2014

Honda Civic Hatchback 2nd Most Stolen Car 2014

The Honda Civic Hatchback has the honor of being the second most stolen car again. Its sister, the Honda Accord, is the most stolen car in 2014. Again. There are some things you can do to help to avoid the bummer of finding your Honda missing. But, there is only one sure cure for this problem.

Honda Civic Hatchback

Hondas are popular. They are popular with young people living on a budget, and they are even more popular with car thieves. But, it isn’t just any old Honda Civic Hatchback that is getting driven away to the chop shop. The Civics and Accords that are being stolen are the models 1996-1999. So, if you don’t want to wake up in the morning to find your Civic or Accord missing, try buying a new Honda. Of course, Delaware was the odd state where the 2003 Accord was the popular model with thieves. Nobody knows what goes on in Delaware.

The reasons why these old Honda Civic Hatchbacks and Accords are so popular for theft are varied. First of all, there are a lot of them on the road. They have always been a popular, good running car. But, the mid-1990s Hondas are just plain easier to steal. The best way to avoid losing your Honda is to buy a recent model, even if you’re in Delaware.

Other Ways to Help Avoid Theft

There are some other things you can do to avoid theft of your vehicle, Honda or not. First, lock your car and take the keys with you. It is just good common sense. Other than that you can have a flashing alarm visible on your dashboard (real or fake). Install a tracking device on your car or a kill switch. Any of these methods might help deter theft of your beloved Honda Civic Hatchback from the mid 1990s.

Honda Funny Car Ads to Brighten Your Day

Honda Funny Car Ads to Brighten Your Day

All Honda car owners are loyal to Honda and that is one reason A1 Performance Auto Repair in Sunnyvale loves to work on them. Honda is a great value and many of the A1 Performance customers own them. So, to give our customers a big smile and a laugh, here are some Honda car ads that will help you start the day.


Honda is one of those auto manufacturers that really knows how to make a brilliant advertisement. Watch some of the favorites on the Internet posted below.

Honda Ad from Australia

This car ad features a Honda HR-V and a man having a very intense, high action dream. Of course, there is a talking dog that switches back and forth between being his best buddy and his dog. Is it real or is it just a dream, you decide.

Honda 2013 Super Bowl Sheep Commercial

You probably saw this one during the Super Bowl this year, but here it is again. It is well worth watching one or two more times! Here is what sheep do when the farmer isn’t around. Some sheep get to take a ride in his 2017 Honda Ridgeline.

Honda Prelude 5th Generation Ad

This Honda Prelude ad is pretty funny. It is an oldie, but goodie. The hula dancer dashboard doll gets fairly animated during the fast drive. The ad advises you to “choose your dash accessories with caution.”

Getting Your Honda Serviced

A1 Performance Auto Repair specializes in foreign car makes like Honda, Toyota and Audi. Of course, we repair and do smog certifications on just about any European, American and Japanese car or truck.. Experience what all of our customers love about the owner, Cliff, and the other mechanics at A1 Performance. A1 Performance Auto Repair handles large and small repairs on all autos and trucks, gasoline and diesel.

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